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Nebra integrates MystNodes - Unlock crypto passive income with next-gen IoT hardware

January 19, 2024

Earn dual passive income in IoT and MYST and participate in decentralized networks through the Nebra Mysterium partnership

The world is moving towards decentralization, and the crypto community is helping to drive this revolution. However, as more people look for ways to support and participate in peer-to-peer networks, they need solutions that are secure and simple - and reward them for their contributions. This is where Nebra comes in.

We are excited to announce that MystNodes is being integrated with Nebra devices to unlock new mining opportunities.

You can now use a Nebra-powered node to provide decentralized VPN and proxy services to a global community and earn the MYST token by the minute.

This partnership not only benefits all node runners and anyone looking to earn crypto passive income, it also helps drive adoption of people-powered apps and services that spread resources and rewards among the global web community, rather than concentrating these in the hands of giant tech corporations.

Running MystNodes on your Nebra Hotspot contributes to the expansion of this decentralised web community, and actively helps to create a more accessible, private, and secure internet for all.

The Story of our new Partner Nebra

Nebra began its journey by developing IoT gateways, LoRaWAN devices, and other innovative IoT products for various applications, including smart cities, agriculture and industrial industries.

Nebra’s helium hotspots gained significant attention within the Helium community, earning a great reputation for their reliability, performance and ease of use.

Nebra is also dedicated to making a positive difference in society and the environment through their innovative products and services.


Nebra is an expansive ecosystem with more than 100,000 hotspots spanning across more than 182 countries. The crypto miners in the Nebra community have been earning passive income in the form of IoT. Now with the Mysterium partnership, all the Nebra device holders will be able to earn crypto by mining MYST as well.

Various Nebra Device Options

They offer a range of different products that meet various needs on your end. You can pick one of these hotspots.


With 5G hotspot you can connect to multiple devices and access the Network from anywhere with 5G coverage. The Nebra 5G Gateway utilises LoRa to mine. With upgrades available in US and EU for CBRS small cell usage to earn Helium (MOBILE.)

While the Outdoor hotspot is a compact and durable device that will enable you to earn passive income and mine crypto while -as the name suggests- being outside. It can be mounted to the side of a building, house or on the roof.

Nebra’s Indoor hotspot offers a compact and sleek design along with a preconfigured and user-friendly set up making it a great fit for a beginner.

How can I make passive income with a Nebra device?

Dual revenue stream - One of the most significant benefits is the ability to generate income from two different sources. Nebra Hotspot miners traditionally earn Helium IOT Token for providing wireless network coverage. In addition to this, node runners will also be able to earn MYST tokens for sharing unused bandwidth. This dual-earning potential enhances the profitability of the device significantly.

Seamless integration - Nebra and Mysterium have made the integration process straightforward. For premium dashboard subscribers, activating the MystNodes service is just a matter of a few clicks. This seamless integration eliminates the need for complex configurations or the addition of extra hardware.

Localised dashboard - track your earnings for both IoT and MYST on the same dashboard. This unified view simplifies management and monitoring, providing you with a comprehensive overview of your total earnings.

Boost Your Income Potential with a Limited-Time MYST Bonus Offer - Use code NEBRA5MYST

If you onboard your Nebra device before June 7th, 2023, you’re in for a MYST windfall. Apply the promotional code NEBRA5MYST during the onboarding steps, and once you reach a 5 MYST benchmark, Mysterium will double your earnings by matching it with an additional 5 MYST bonus. This promotion applies for each registered account, and only Residential IP addresses will be awarded this amount. Don’t let this chance to multiply your returns slip by.

Refresher: How does a MystNodes node work?

In a distributed peer-to-peer network, a node represents a single device, such as a computer or Nebra hardware device, which helps power and maintain that network.

Through these transparent, secure, and community-run systems, value can easily be digitised and shared. People are incentivised to contribute their spare internet resources, such as bandwidth, IP address or processing power, sharing it directly with the entire network without any kind of official host or authority needed. Nodes are paid in cryptocurrency for contributing their resources.

In the case of Mysterium, the node network powers a decentralized VPN and proxy service. Mysterium uses multiple encryption protocols, designed to protect your privacy as a node.


Nodes have helped users across the world bypass unethical censorship and access free information in places like Nigeria, Russia, and Iran.

If you’re running an exit node for the first time, you can read our DOCS pages, which is accessible via mystnodes.com to learn more about how we work, how we protect our node runners and how to configure your device to maximize earning potential.

How do I get started with my MystNode on Nebra?

Step 1: Visit nebra.io/myst and follow the guide to set up your device.


Step 2: Sign up at mystnodes.com and claim your node using the dashboard.

Step 3: That’s it! You’re now running a MystNodes node.

Got a question? Visit https://support.nebra.com or send an email to support@nebra.com

Jump into our Discord to chat with our team and community of node runners.


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Frequently asked

What is Nebra?

Nebra specializes in providing hardware solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. They’re known for producing and selling devices such as crypto mining rigs, cryptocurrency wallets, and other blockchain-related hardware products. 

How do you earn with Nebra and MystNodes?

Nebra Hotspot miners traditionally earn Helium IOT Tokens for providing wireless network coverage. In addition, node runners will be able to earn MYST tokens for sharing unused bandwidth. This dual-earning potential enhances the device's profitability significantly.

How does a MystNodes node work?

A MystNodes node operates within the decentralized Mysterium Network, as a secure access point to the internet for other users. By routing internet traffic through their device, you earn cryptocurrency rewards, earning passive income while contributing to the network's functionality and security.

How do I get started with my MystNode on Nebra?

Here’s a quick tutorial:

  • Visit nebra.io/myst and follow the guide to set up your device.
  • Sign up at mystnodes.com and claim your node using the dashboard.
  • That’s it! You’re now running a MystNodes node.