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How to Make Money While Traveling: Expert Tips and Tricks

June 28, 2024

Have you ever dreamed of exploring exotic destinations while still earning money? Many travelers, including travel bloggers and digital nomads, manage to make money while traveling, allowing them to fund their adventures and achieve financial freedom.

This MystNodes blog post will provide you with actionable tips and strategies on how to earn money while traveling. Whether you want to start a travel blog, engage in freelance writing, or find seasonal jobs, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how you can get paid to travel!

Benefits of Earning Money While Traveling

Remote work, including freelance and gig work, is perfect for travelers because it offers flexibility and multiple income streams. Travel bloggers, for instance, benefit from various income sources such as brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products, similar to freelance and gig workers. You can work remotely from any particular destination, making money while traveling without being tied to one location.

These opportunities allow you to save money on travel expenses and earn money to fund your next trip. Plus, freelance travel writing, web design, virtual assistant roles, and many others can be done with just a laptop and an internet connection, allowing you to be location-independent.

How to Be Successful at Remote Work

To work remotely and make money while traveling, you’ll need:

  • Reliable Internet: Essential for most online business activities.
  • Laptop and Essential Gadgets: Your portable office setup.
  • Power Source: Keep your devices charged on the go.
  • VPN for Safety: Secure your online activities.
  • Time Management: Balance work and free time efficiently.

These essentials are crucial for embracing the digital nomad lifestyle.

Is It Hard to Earn Extra Money While Traveling?

Earnings in the gig economy vary widely based on the type of freelance work you do. Factors such as skill level, demand, and type of job all influence your earning potential. In a few weeks, depending on your effort and job type, you could make several thousand dollars, helping you cover your travel expenses and more.

Let’s take a look at some examples of freelance work and their income ranges:

  • Freelance Writing: $20 - $50/hour;
  • Graphic Designers: $25 - $75/hour;
  • Web Developers: $30 - $100/hour.

Get Paid to Travel

How to Make Money While Traveling

Here are the best ideas on how to earn money from anywhere in the world. With either active or passive income, it's possible to earn money while traveling!

Start a Travel Blog

You’ve probably read travel blogs by a famous travel blogger when planning a trip. Travel blogs cover news from the travel industry, including content creation, travel recommendations, hotel and restaurant reviews, and tips to save money. Travel blogging can lead to continuous profit from ad clicks and affiliate marketing.

Start your own travel blog and make money while traveling with your travel blog!

  • Where to Find: Self-hosted, Medium;
  • Earnings: Varies (ad revenue, sponsorships);
  • Skills Needed: Writing, SEO, marketing.

Freelance Writing

Do you enjoy writing and have a knack for storytelling? Freelance writing is one of the popular digital nomad jobs that might be perfect for you. A freelance writer spends their time creating content for websites, blogs, magazines, and more. Topics can vary widely from travel and lifestyle to technology and business. Interested in turning your words into income? Don’t wait; try out content writing!

  • Where to Find: Upwork, Fiverr, ProBlogger;
  • Earnings: $20 - $50/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Writing, editing, research.

Graphic Design

If you’re visually creative and proficient in design software, consider a career in graphic design to make money while traveling through remote design work. Graphic designers produce visual content for websites, advertisements, logos, and more. This field offers substantial flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere. Ready to design your way to income? Discover more below!

  • Where to Find: 99designs, DesignCrowd;
  • Earnings: $25 - $75/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Design software proficiency, creativity.

Web Development

Are you a tech-savvy traveler who enjoys building websites? Web development is a high-demand skill that can be very lucrative for making money. Web developers create and maintain websites, ensuring they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Want to code your way to financial freedom? Find out how to start!

  • Where to Find: Upwork, Toptal;
  • Earnings: $30 - $100/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Coding, design, troubleshooting.

Virtual Assistant

Remote administrative work is a key responsibility for virtual assistants, who help clients with various tasks like email management, scheduling, and data entry. This job offers flexibility and the chance to work with diverse clients. Interested in becoming a digital assistant? Learn more about this flexible job!

  • Where to Find:, Belay;
  • Earnings: $15 - $40/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Organization, communication, multitasking.

Social Media Management

If you love social media and have a talent for creating engaging content, consider social media management. Social media managers oversee the social media accounts of businesses, creating posts, engaging with followers, and developing a social media strategy to analyze performance. Want to turn your social media skills into a career? Here’s how!

  • Where to Find: Hootsuite, Upwork;
  • Earnings: $20 - $50/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Social media knowledge, how to create content.

Online Tutoring

Are you an expert in a particular subject or language? Online tutoring through e-learning platforms allows you to teach students from around the world from the comfort of your location. This job is rewarding and flexible, making it ideal for travelers. Ready to start teaching online? Explore the possibilities!

  • Where to Find: VIPKid,;
  • Earnings: $15 - $40/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Subject expertise, teaching ability.

Selling Digital Products

Creating and selling digital products in a digital marketplace can be a lucrative way to earn passive income while traveling. Digital products include e-books, courses, printables, and software. Once created, these products can generate income without the need for ongoing work.

  • Where to Find: Etsy, Gumroad, Teachable;
  • Earnings: Varies (sales and royalties);
  • Skills Needed: Content creation, marketing.

Travel Journalism

If you have a passion for storytelling and reporting, travel writing might be the perfect fit. A travel writer writes travel articles for newspapers, magazines, travel publications, and online media outlets. They cover various aspects of travel, from destinations and culture to travel tips.

  • Where to Find: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Freelance platforms;
  • Earnings: $30 - $100 per article;
  • Skills Needed: Writing, research, photography.

Teaching English

Are you a native speaker of English? Teaching English as a second language is a popular day job that allows you to get paid to travel, especially in non-English speaking countries. You can teach English in local schools, private language institutes, language schools, or even online.

  • Where to Find: VIPKid,, local schools;
  • Earnings: $15 - $40/hour;
  • Skills Needed: TEFL certification, native or fluent English speaker.

Become a Travel Influencer

Travel lifestyle influencers create content about their travel experiences and share it on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. By building a large following, travel influencers can earn great money through brand partnerships, Google Adsense, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

  • Where to Find: Become a content creator on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok;
  • Earnings: Varies (based on following and engagement);
  • Skills Needed: Content creation, social media management, selling things, marketing.

Fruit Picking

This is a seasonal job that allows you to engage in agricultural work, work outdoors, and make money while traveling. This job is particularly popular in countries with large agricultural sectors, such as Australia and New Zealand. It offers a great way to experience the local area and culture.

  • Where to Find: Local farms, backpacker job boards, seasonal work websites;
  • Earnings: $10 - $20/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Physical fitness, willingness to work outdoors.

Helping Out Local Businesses

Travelers can earn money through local employment by helping out local businesses, such as cafes, hostels, and shops. This type of work often includes roles like bartending, waitressing, reception work, and customer service. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and community.

  • Where to Find: Local job boards, hostels, word of mouth;
  • Earnings: $10 - $20/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Customer service, communication, local language (optional).

Working on a Cruise Ship

Working in the hospitality industry on a cruise ship offers a unique opportunity to travel the world while earning money for every online nomad. Cruise ship jobs range from hospitality and entertainment to technical and administrative roles. This job often includes free accommodation and meals, given that it’s a full-time job.

  • Where to Find: Cruise line websites, recruitment agencies;
  • Earnings: $1,000 - $3,000/month;
  • Skills Needed: Hospitality experience, customer service, and specific job-related skills.


If you have a passion for capturing moments, selling photos can be a profitable hobby. Travel photographers can sell their photos to stock photo websites or directly to clients. Do you have an eye for detail and love taking pictures? Learn how to monetize your photography skills!

  • Where to Find: Shutterstock, Getty Images;
  • Earnings: Varies by sale;
  • Skills Needed: Photography, photo editing.

Translation Services

Fluent in multiple languages? Language services, including translation services, are always in demand, whether for documents, websites, or marketing materials. This job offers flexibility and the opportunity to use your language skills. Ready to translate your way to income? Find out more!

  • Where to Find: Gengo, ProZ;
  • Earnings: $20 - $40/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Fluency in multiple languages.

Travel Blogging

Do you have a passion for sharing your experiences and knowledge? Blogging can be a great way to earn money while traveling. Travel bloggers earn income through various means, such as brand collaborations, affiliate marketing, and selling digital products.

By writing about topics you’re passionate about and focusing on blog monetization through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing, you can generate a steady income. Interested in starting a blog? Here’s how!

  • Where to Find: Self-hosted, Medium;
  • Earnings: Varies (ad revenue, sponsorships);
  • Skills Needed: Writing, SEO, marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services through affiliate programs and earning a commission for every sale made through your referral. This can be done through a blog, social media, or other platforms. Looking to earn commissions while traveling? Discover the potential of affiliate marketing!

  • Where to Find: Amazon Associates, ShareASale;
  • Earnings: Varies (commissions);
  • Skills Needed: Marketing, content creation.

Online Coaching

Are you an expert in a particular field? Virtual coaching allows you to share your knowledge and help others achieve their goals. This can include fitness coaching, business coaching, life coaching, and more. 

  • Where to Find:, self-hosted websites;
  • Earnings: $50 - $150/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Expertise in the chosen coaching area.


Interested in starting an e-commerce business but don’t want to handle inventory? Dropshipping might be the solution. With drop shipping, you sell products online without ever touching the inventory – your supplier ships directly to your customers. Ready to start your own online store? Here’s how dropshipping works!

  • Where to Find: Shopify, Oberlo;
  • Earnings: Varies (profit margins, driving enough traffic to your store);
  • Skills Needed: E-commerce, marketing.

Voiceover Acting

If you have a great voice and enjoy performing, voice acting gigs can be a lucrative opportunity. Voiceover artists lend their voices to commercials, audiobooks, video games, and more. Want to make money with your voice? Learn how to get started in voiceover acting!

  • Where to Find:, Fiverr;
  • Earnings: $20 - $100/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Voice acting, recording.

Online Surveys and Market Research

Looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash? Participating in online surveys and market research studies can be a simple and flexible option. While it may not make you rich, it can provide some additional income. Interested in sharing your opinion for money? Here’s how!

  • Where to Find: Survey Junkie, Swagbucks;
  • Earnings: Varies (usually small amounts);
  • Skills Needed: No specific skills needed.

E-Book Publishing

Have a story to tell or knowledge to share? Self-publishing e-books can be a profitable venture. Write and publish your e-books on platforms like Amazon Kindle and earn royalties from each sale. Ready to become an author? Discover the steps to e-book publishing!

  • Where to Find: Amazon Kindle, Smashwords;
  • Earnings: Varies (royalties);
  • Skills Needed: Writing, marketing.

Language Teaching

If you’re fluent in more than one language, providing language instruction online can be a rewarding way to earn money. Help students around the world learn a new language from the comfort of your location. Interested in teaching languages? Here’s how to get started!

  • Where to Find: iTalki, Verbling;
  • Earnings: $15 - $30/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Language proficiency, teaching.


Do you enjoy speaking and have a topic you’re passionate about? Podcasting allows you to share your thoughts and stories with a wide audience. Podcast monetization can be achieved through sponsorships, ads, and listener support. Want to start your own podcast? Learn more about podcasting!

  • Where to Find: Patreon, sponsorships;
  • Earnings: Varies (sponsorships, ads);
  • Skills Needed: Speaking, editing, marketing.

Running a MystNodes Node

Interested in the world of blockchain technology and decentralized networks? Running a MystNodes node can earn you money by providing bandwidth to the Myst network. This is a tech-savvy way to generate passive income. Curious about running a MystNodes node? Discover how to get involved!

  • Where to Find:;
  • Earnings: Varies (based on network usage);
  • Skills Needed: Basic tech skills and network understanding.

Remote Customer Service

Customer support roles are increasingly moving online, allowing you to assist customers while making money from anywhere in the world. These roles typically involve answering queries, resolving issues, and providing support via phone, email, or chat. Want to help customers remotely? Here’s how to start!

  • Where to Find:, Indeed;
  • Earnings: $15 - $25/hour;
  • Skills Needed: Communication, problem-solving.

Selling Online Courses

Creating and selling e-courses in the realm of online education is an excellent way to earn passive income while traveling. If you have expertise in a particular area, you can develop a course and sell it on platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Coursera. This method allows you to share your knowledge with a global audience and generate income even when you’re not actively working.

  • Where to Find: Udemy, Teachable, Coursera;
  • Earnings: Varies (typically $20 - $200 per course sale);
  • Skills Needed: Expertise in a subject, course creation, and marketing.

Providing Travel Services

If you love planning trips and helping others create memorable experiences, offering travel consultancy services can be a great way to earn money while traveling. This can include trip planning, tour guiding, and concierge services.

By leveraging your knowledge of a particular destination, you can offer valuable assistance to other travelers and get paid to travel the world!

  • Where to Find: Your own website, social media, travel forums, tourism boards;
  • Earnings: Varies (typically $20 - $100 per service);
  • Skills Needed: Travel planning, local knowledge, customer service.

How to Travel and Make Money?


Making money while traveling is not only possible but also highly rewarding. From starting a travel blog and becoming a content creator to engaging in freelance writing or finding short-term jobs, there are many creative ways to make money anywhere in the world.

With the right tools and determination, you can enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere in the world. Explore different options, find what suits you best, and embark on your journey to economic freedom while traveling the world!


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Frequently asked

Is There an App That Pays You to Travel?

Yes, some apps and platforms offer opportunities to make extra cash while traveling. For example, apps like Field Agent and Gigwalk pay users to complete small tasks and surveys in different locations.

Additionally, apps like MystNodes will pay you to share your unused internet traffic. After you set up your account and start running a node, your internet connection will be safely shared on a secure network, and you'll earn crypto in return!

How Do Backpackers Make Money?

Backpackers often make money through gig work, such as writing, graphic design, or web development, which can be done remotely. They also take up jobs like picking fruit, bar work, or working in hostels. Some backpackers may also earn money by blogging about their travels or selling photos.

Can You Get Paid to Travel?

Yes, you can get paid to travel through various avenues, such as travel blogging, becoming a travel influencer, or working in travel journalism. Jobs like tour guiding, working on cruise ships, and providing travel services also offer opportunities to earn while exploring new places.

Additionally, some companies and organizations offer paid travel opportunities for brand ambassadors or researchers.

How Do People Make Money While Traveling?

People make money while traveling by engaging in offsite work, such as writing, graphic design, and programming, which can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. They also take up temporary jobs, like teaching languages, picking fruit, or working in the hospitality industry.

Other ways to make money include starting a travel blog, becoming a social media influencer, or offering travel-related services such as tour guiding and trip planning.