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Expert Picks: The Best Crypto YouTube Channels

May 10, 2024

Expert Picks: The Best Crypto YouTube Channels

With the exploding popularity of the Internet in our daily lives, getting advice on crypto markets, among other things, has become easier than ever. YouTube is among the many great resources for crypto news, valuable insights on market trends, and expert advice on crypto trading, investing, and the crypto world.

There are hundreds of cryptocurrency YouTube channels to help you hack into the crypto industry. In this blog post, the MystNodes team will tell you about some of the best crypto YouTube channels you should follow in the crypto space if you want to learn about the best crypto trading strategies and get smarter with your crypto assets.

Why Choose YouTube Crypto Influencers for Financial Advice?

The top crypto YouTube influencers serve as valuable resources for learning about complex crypto concepts like crypto exchanges because their videos are accessible, and YouTube, in general, offers a diverse range of content. 

The educational videos that crypto YouTube channels produce cater to various learning styles, particularly visual learners, through charts, graphs, and animations that help demystify complex crypto technologies. 

Moreover, YouTube is free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection, providing a vast library of content about personal finance that users can explore at their convenience. This includes regular updates from content creators who post timely insights, which is crucial for keeping up with the fast-paced nature of crypto exchanges.

The platform also benefits from a tight-knit community. Viewers like you can engage through comments, ask questions, and interact with content creators and other viewers. This improves the learning experience and provides a spectrum of opinions and experiences.

Many YouTube channels are operated by cryptocurrency market experts, including developers, crypto traders, analysts, and seasoned traders, offering viewers crypto insights and other investment advice. This can be especially beneficial for both newcomers and experienced individuals in the crypto space.

Which YouTube Crypto Influencers Can You Trust?

As everyone knows, the Internet is a friendly place for people from all walks of life, including the crypto community. Unfortunately, not all of those individuals are wise experts looking out for your best interests. Online, some crypto enthusiasts are trying to take advantage of you, and they hope you'll listen to them long enough for them to scam you.

Do your homework on the person claiming to be an expert before investing time or cryptocurrency. Do they possess any formal education or training? Perhaps they have prior experience in finance? Don't treat them like experts without evidence to support their claims.

A good crypto YouTube channel will always be careful with its content, providing objective information without biases. Any financial expert will be quick to admit that becoming rich is not something that usually happens overnight and will encourage you to do your research and be diligent with how you treat your crypto wallets.

Top Crypto YouTubers to Watch in 2024

Do you want to join the crypto community? Here are our choices for the best crypto YouTube channels for you to explore this year:

Coin Bureau

Coin Bureau is one of the largest crypto YouTube channels on the platform and has been teaching viewers about the crypto world since 2019. This channel will provide you with the latest crypto news, price predictions, fundamentals about cryptocurrency analysis, and upcoming coins.

This crypto channel releases high-caliber, thoroughly educational YouTube videos describing how the cryptocurrency market works almost daily. The channel covers the most up-to-date news about crypto trends and the most outstanding products and services related to cryptocurrencies. This creator tries to thoroughly explain the intricate cryptocurrency systems and the technology behind them.

His analysts provide an in-depth overview of the crypto-verse for beginners by discussing the greatest blockchain technology in an approachable manner. The YouTube channel is among the top crypto YouTube channels, with around 2.5 million subscribers and growing.

Coin Bureau YouTube Channel

BitBoy Crypto v2

BitBoy Crypto v2, one of the most popular crypto YouTube channels for digital assets, offers investing advice to people willing to take a chance with cryptocurrencies. Crypto YouTuber Ben Armstrong heads the channel and uploads videos multiple times a week. BitBoy Crypto v2 uses a conversational style in its videos to give its viewers a feeling of presence and engagement.

BitBoy Crypto v2 regularly posts interviews with prominent cryptocurrency figures and other respected people. Technical and basic crypto analysis are the main themes of his other YouTube videos. 

Though his videos cover contentious subjects that are up for discussion, they are meant to provide broad knowledge about blockchain technology. This is Ben's second YouTube crypto channel. Before, his BitBoy Crypto channel had over 1 million subscribers, but the channel was shut down, and BitBoy Crypto v2 now has over 100,000 subscribers.

BitBoy Crypto v2 YouTube Channel

Altcoin Daily

Austin and Aaron Arnold run the Altcoin Daily crypto YouTube channel, which has nearly 1.5 million subscribers. Altcoin Daily is probably the best YouTube channel for you if you want to become a crypto analyst. They started participating in the early crypto market in 2018 and established one of the top crypto YouTube channels.

In keeping with the channel's name, the brothers post videos daily on YouTube covering crypto news, market analysis, and cryptocurrency token developments. Their videos also include cryptocurrency market news, a chance to learn crypto trading strategies, interviews with crypto investors, opinionated viewpoints, technical analysis, and instructional lectures.

The Altcoin Daily crypto YouTube videos touch on the crypto industry, the metaverse, and news about cryptocurrency mining. If you're looking for helpful information regarding Ethereum, Cardano, and NFTs, check out Altcoin Daily. The crypto YouTube channel helps people in the crypto space choose cryptocurrencies with enormous growth potential.

AltCoin Daily YouTube Channel

Brian Jung

Brian Jung, one of the top crypto YouTube influencers, runs a seasoned YouTube channel catering to everyone who wants to become rich through the crypto industry. After launching his first video on YouTube at the end of 2018, Brian Jung has reached over 1.8 million subscribers. 

Brian Jung is an exceptionally knowledgeable investor and a serial entrepreneur from Washington, D.C. The videos on this crypto YouTube channel are some of the best resources for learning about credit and debit cards, crypto news, and personal finance evaluation.

This crypto YouTuber publishes approximately seven videos on his YouTube channel every week. In them, he discusses the many uses of credit cards, including travel, and the advantages and disadvantages of owning multiple credit card brands.

Brian Jung's YouTube Chanel

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary, commonly known as Mr. Wonderful, boasts over 833 thousand subscribers on his leading crypto YouTube channels. He is well-known as a TV personality on several shows, including Shark Tank, Dragon's Den, and The Lang & O'Leary Exchange. 

He authored the best-selling book The Cold Hard Truth on Business Money, which highlights the hard work and dedication required to become a successful entrepreneur and grow one's wealth.

Kevin regularly uploads videos on YouTube discussing financial market news and his perspectives. As a Canadian businessman, Kevin O'Leary is involved with several prominent Canadian crypto exchange platforms.

Kevin O'Leary's YouTube Channel


Another popular crypto YouTube channel is 99Bitcoins. It stands out as one of the best and most popular crypto YouTube channels, boasting around 710 thousand subscribers. The channel primarily focuses on Bitcoin, providing educational content on the currency itself and the intricacies of mining. 

If you visit this YouTube channel, you'll find videos on the latest news and trends within the crypto market. Ofir Beigel, the chairman of the official 99Bitcoins website, initiated a mission to demystify cryptocurrencies by explaining them in straightforward terms. 

99Bitcoin's YouTube Channel


With nearly 750 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel, CryptosRUs creates videos that delve into the crypto market and the latest crypto news. The channel’s creator, George Tung, is one of the many crypto influencers offering theories on how external factors could influence the cryptocurrency industry and the potential impacts of these changes. 

He regularly posts videos featuring live streams that track the latest developments in crypto news. CryptosRUs covers various topics, including the most pertinent news in the crypto market. The YouTube channel occasionally features interviews, Q&A sessions, and analyses of the general financial market. 

Additionally, the channel provides videos on how individuals can generate interest in various altcoins and Bitcoin. These comprehensive guides offer a basic framework for what potential buyers should consider when analyzing cryptocurrency price trends.

CryptosRUs' YouTube Channel

Crypto Banter

The Crypto Banter YouTube channel has more than 780 thousand subscribers. The YouTube channel stands out as one of the premier live-streaming channels within the cryptocurrency space. The Crypto Banter channel is hosted by Ran Neuner, a financial analyst and one of many Bitcoin YouTubers with a deep understanding of investing and trading in cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency analyst frequently uploads videos and engages in more regular live streams, focusing on the latest updates and fundamental analyses of the crypto market. His channel also features videos on altcoin price trends and interviews with leading figures in the cryptocurrency world. Additionally, Crypto Banter covers crypto news and the most recent developments in the market.

While many consider Ranone probably the best crypto analyst, the Crypto Banter channel also involves a team of collaborators who bring various perspectives on digital coins and trends in the cryptocurrency sector. Crypto Banter creates educational content to guide viewers on purchasing altcoins and trading in the crypto market.

Crypto Banter's YouTube Channel

Token Metrics

Token Metrics, one of the best crypto YouTube channels, is hosted by Ian Balina. Ian provides detailed analysis and research on a variety of cryptocurrencies. The channel's team of experts uses data-driven metrics and machine-learning algorithms to assess the potential of various digital assets. Covering everything from fundamental analysis and technical analysis to market analysis, Token Metrics offers a broad range of topics to help you make well-informed investment choices.

The unique aspect of Token Metrics is its use of advanced machine learning algorithms alongside traditional analysis methods. This hybrid approach is why the channel offers forecasts and evaluations of cryptocurrency performance rooted in statistical analysis and its team's nuanced understanding of market dynamics.

Beyond fundamental analysis, Token Metrics covers topics pertinent to new and seasoned investors, including market trends, investment strategies, risk management, and emerging opportunities within the blockchain technology sphere. 

Token Metric's YouTube Channel

Sheldon Evans

Sheldon Evans, who's considered the best crypto analyst online, is at the helm of one of the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels, with over 700 thousand subscribers. His channel provides updates on cryptocurrency news, market forecasts, in-depth market analysis, and financial guidance. While his uploads are not on a regular schedule, each video showcases his substantial expertise in cryptocurrency.

Evans started his YouTube journey in 2014 with a lifestyle vlogging channel, sharing his personal growth and experiences. He has since shifted his focus to cryptocurrencies, where he now shares valuable financial insights and instructional content.

In addition to his cryptocurrency YouTube channel, Sheldon Evans is intensely interested in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). He has created his own NFT collection, NOSTALGIA, available on the OpenSea platform, further diversifying his involvement in the digital asset space.

Sheldon Evan's YouTube Channel

Ivan On Tech

Many people think Ivan On Tech is the best YouTube channel for crypto. It's hosted by Ivan Liljeqvist, who interviews prominent figures in the cryptocurrency and technology sectors. With over 520 thousand subscribers, Ivan aims to provide his audience insights into the latest developments in the cryptosphere. Besides his role on YouTube, Ivan On Tech is also known as an educator and an international speaker on other platforms.

The Ivan On Tech channel focuses on blockchain technology and explores how various complexities within the crypto sector influence the cryptocurrency market. He consistently delivers high-quality content to his viewers.

Ivan provides educational insights into specific digital coins, discussing their characteristics and pricing trends in his videos. Ivan On Tech also addresses trending topics and current news related to the crypto industry.

Ivan On Tech's YouTube Channel

Crypto Jebb

Crypto Jebb is one of the best crypto channels and a well-known source of information in the cryptocurrency community. The channel educates viewers about Bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency trading strategies. 

Crypto Jebb is recognized for his detailed and insightful analysis, which helps both novice and experienced traders understand the complex dynamics of the crypto market.

The channel features a range of content, including technical analyses, market predictions, and tutorials to teach viewers how to navigate cryptocurrency markets effectively. Crypto Jebb often breaks down current market trends and potential investment opportunities, profoundly diving into the factors driving price movements.

Crypto Jebb has an educational approach aiming to empower viewers with the knowledge to make informed trading decisions. He frequently covers fundamental concepts, offers tips on technical analysis tools, and discusses broader economic factors that affect the cryptocurrency world.

Crypto Jebb's YouTube Channel

Benjamin Cowen

Last but not least, Benjamin Cowen's cryptocurrency YouTube channels, boasting over 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube, offer an advanced perspective on cryptocurrency technical analysis, earning him a reputation among Crypto Technical Traders. He holds a doctorate in engineering and is well-versed in computational mathematics and programming, which he applies to his analytical methods.

Cowen adopts a logical approach when analyzing digital coin prices, preferring to assess the market from a high timeframe perspective. This approach tends to be more stable and less affected by day-to-day fluctuations than lower timeframes.

Like other crypto YouTubers, Benjamin's content focuses primarily on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cardano, and Ethereum, including news updates, technical trading insights, and tutorials. His videos are rich with technical indicators and mathematical concepts, making them a valuable resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of cryptocurrency trading.

Benjamin Cowen's YouTube Channel

What Is a Crypto Analyst?

You've seen the term many times in this article. But what does that even mean? A cryptocurrency analyst is a person who analyzes the cryptocurrency market and performs research on its varying aspects. This may include analytics of price dynamics, news, and fundamental events that can impact the crypto market.

It's important to remember that some popular YouTube channel crypto influencers claim to be analysts or experts; not everyone has the working knowledge to back that up. So, stay vigilant and get rich!

Top YouTube Channels for Crypto

In conclusion, while the crypto space can often seem daunting and complex, the best crypto YouTube channels offer valuable insights, up-to-date news about the crypto industry, and expert advice that can help you understand the crypto world for both novices and seasoned investors.

Whether you're looking for technical and fundamental analysis of crypto, the best crypto trading tips, or market analysis, these YouTube crypto channels provide a wealth of information to guide your crypto journey.

Remember always to approach financial advice with caution and consider cross-verifying the information given by crypto influencers with other reliable sources before making any investment decisions. With the best crypto YouTube channels, you can navigate cryptocurrency's dynamic and exciting world more confidently and effectively.


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Frequently asked

What Is the Best Crypto Channel on YouTube?

This can depend on what you're looking for – educational content, investment advice, market analysis, etc. However, many consider Bureau and Altcoin Daily the best crypto YouTube channels.

Who Is the Most Followed Crypto YouTuber?

Historically, channels like Coin Bureau and Altcoin Daily have been among the most followed. However, the exact rankings can change as new creators emerge or current ones gain more popularity.

Who Is the Most Accurate Crypto Analyst?

This is tough as the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and predictions are notoriously tricky. Analysts who have earned a reputation for reliability often combine thorough research with a clear explanation of the risks involved.It’s essential to look for analysts who not only provide predictions but also discuss their methodologies and the reasons behind their forecasts.

Who Is the Best Crypto Influencer?

Influencers in the crypto space can range from educational content creators to industry insiders who provide updates on technology developments and finance trends. People like Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) are influential due to their direct impact on the crypto industry, whereas others might be influential through their educational or advisory roles.